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What NOT to do if you smell gas.

Smell gas? Even if you love a good roaring bonfire, you’ll want to avoid the life-threatening explosions that can accompany an unchecked gas leak. Whatever you do, we want to make sure you don’t do the following if you smell gas.

No-No #1: Don’t take your time trying to figure out where the gas leak is.

This is no time to dilly-dally. Quickly check the gas stove (if you have one) to make sure one of the burners is not on and leaking gas, but then get out of the house quickly. If you don’t have to get a lot of people and animals out of the house, you can open a window or two on your way out, but that’s it. Take kids and pets with you.

No-No #2: Don’t flip on lights or use electricity.

Don’t even use your cell phone while in the house. Anything that could result in even a tiny spark is a fire hazard when you’ve smelled gas.

No-No #3: Don’t light a match or try lighting a burner on your stove.

The gas can go up in flames very easily.

No-No #4: Don’t hang around on the front porch.

It’s not enough to just get outside; go across the street before calling the gas company to ask them to shut off the gas. A gas explosion can be powerful enough to hurt you if you are close to the source.

No-No #5: Don’t think it’s enough to just ask the gas company to shut off the gas.

You also need a professional to come out to the location and examine the property for a gas leak. It might be something as small as a burner on your stove that was left on, but it might be as big as a gas line leak inside the house or in the yard. Have a plumber come examine the gas lines.

No-No #6: Don’t go back into the house until it’s been cleared by a professional.

Only go back into your home after an employee from the gas company or a plumber has certified that the gas leak has been identified and addressed. Until that happens, don’t run back inside to get your laptop or send someone in to get the goldfish; once you’re out, wait until a professional has tested the air to make sure it’s safe before entering your home again.

Why are gas leaks a concern?

Any little spark can cause a serious and potentially lethal explosion.

Why does gas smell so bad?

Before treated, natural gas is both colorless and odorless. For your safety, gas companies add a chemical ingredient that smells like rotten eggs so you will realize there is a problem if the gas line springs a leak.

What are common causes of gas leaks?

In most cases where you smell gas, it’s just a case of someone bumping into the knob on a gas stove, allowing a little gas to leak. This is the easiest case to solve and the least concerning; all you have to do is turn off the burner and open windows.

However, other gas leaks can be very concerning and potentially lethal, and it may be difficult to identify the source of the leak before risking an explosion. Gas leaks often happen when an appliance is moved and the gas line cracks or breaks, or when extreme temperature changes or shifts in the earth cause a line break or crack. Sometimes a gas leak occurs when heavy equipment runs over an underground gas line, cracking it, or because of aging gas lines.

Need Temple, GA area

Gas Line Leak Detection and Repair Services?

Smell gas? Don’t hesitate. Get out of the house and call 770-562-9934 right away for Temple gas line leak detection and repair services. We look forward to keeping you and your family safe.

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