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Plumbing Tips & Maintenance

Bathroom Plumbing Maintenance

Arise Plumbing Service Plumbing Maintenance Tips.

Keep your bathroom plumbing running efficiently with these helpful tips:

- Run hot water down the drain once a week to help keep your pipes free of debris.

- To avoid potential damage to faucets and fixtures, repair leaky faucets right away.

- Showers and tubs should be fitted with strainers to catch soap chips and hair, these strainers should be cleaned regularly.

- To remove mineral deposits from the shower head, fill a plastic bag with one cup of vinegar and place it over your shower head. You can use a twist tie to hold it in place overnight.

Remove bag in the morning and use a damp cloth to wipe off those mineral deposits.

- Never use your toilet like a wastebasket. Do not flush cotton balls, facial tissue, sanitary products, make-up pads, diapers or sanitary products as they will not dissolve and will clog the lines. Make sure your bathroom has a trash container for all trash disposal.

Testing a Toilet for Leaks

Inspect the tank's water lever to make sure water isn't overflowing from the overflow pipe. (the overflow pipe is located in the center of the tank connected to a small piece of tubing).

- If overflow pipe has water running into it, adjust fill valve until the water level stops around one inch below the top of overflow tube.

- Put a few drops of food coloring in the tank to test the flush valve mechanism.

- After about 15 minutes check the bowl, if toilet bowl water has changed color, the flapper or ball is leaking and should be replaced.

For more information or need to schedule a Plumbing Maintenance appointment, call: (770) 562-9934

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