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Plumbing Repair Done Right

Plumbing is a tricky business – an intricate network of pipes, ducts and drains are responsible for bring water in and out of your home, filtering and removing it as needed. In a system as complex as this, something as obvious as a leak could have any number of causes: broken pipes, corrosion, worn fittings, clogged drains, and insufficient pressure levels could all be contributing factors.

You should always consult a licensed & certified professional when you notice anything is out of order. The experts at Arise Plumbing Service know how to identify, fix and prevent any problem you may encounter:

  • Clogged drains and sewer lines

  • Leaking or running toilets

  • Garbage disposals

  • Shower fixtures and heads

  • Washing machine connections

Why Choose Arise Plumbing Service?

Arise Plumbing is a family owned & operated business serving any home or commercial plumbing needs in the greater Temple Georgia area. With each call, we’ll help to set up your appointment or schedule your emergency visit in a prompt and professional manner. We’ll send out one of our experts who will solve your problem in no time, bringing:

  • Up Front Pricing

  • A Visit from a Licensed & Certified Professiona

  • A Clean & Safe Work Environment

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on all Parts & Labor

All of our professionals are fully certified, licensed, and trained to ensure that you receive the highest quality service. By ensuring that your project exceeds the standards set by state and local codes, you’ll be sure to save not only on costly future repairs, but on your utility bills for years to come. Contact us or call (770) 562-9934 to talk to an experienced professional plumber today!

(Arise Plumbing Service is a full-service plumbing company located in Temple, Georgia. We service Temple GA, Carrollton GA, Douglasville GA, Lithia Spring GA, VillaRica GA. We specializae in: Clogs, Drains, Water Heaters, Garbage Disposals, Leaks, Burst Pipes, Toilet & Faucet Installation/Repair, Low Water Pressure, Bathroom & Kitchen Remodeling & Pro-active Plumbing Inspections.)

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