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Plumbers could be busy over Christmas: Here’s Why!

The season to be jolly is also the season to get busy, particularly for plumbers. Christmas is the time when there is a spike in household activity, creating opportunities for overusing appliances, and heating and plumbing systems.

If you find plumbers busy over Christmas, you know there has to be a good reason why. Here is a look at what plumbers have to face during the holiday period:

A Running Toilet

A toilet that constantly runs after flushing will waste several gallons of water in just one night. The problem may be obvious to the homeowner if the sound of water filling up the tank does not stop. However, there are times when the defect is not easy to detect and the toilet will be quietly flushing out water without the homeowner’s knowledge. Usually, the problem can be fixed easily by putting the flapper valve back into place. However, problems that are too complicated for simple fixes should only be handled by a professional to avoid further damage.

Dripping Tap

Dripping taps are a nuisance during the holidays. They not only waste water, they can also keep the homeowner and the guests awake at night. A dripping tap can usually be fixed by replacing the washer to ensure proper closure and prevent water from seeping through. However, not everyone may have the proper skills to fix the problem and may require the services of a plumber.

Sink Blockage

The problem is that drains do have a limited capacity and organic matter such as food wastes, oils and grease can and will clog up the sink. This is more likely to happen during the holidays when there is more food consumed and temperatures decrease, allowing grease and oils to solidify.

The problem of a blocked sink is easier to prevent, so homeowners should avoid pouring liquid fats and oils through it. Oils are liquid at higher temperatures but once they are exposed to lower temperatures, they will solidify potentially causing a blockage. Fats should be allowed to solidify in a container and then disposed of in the rubbish labelled organic waste. Some oils, such as canola oil, do not solidify. These should be kept in sealable containers (preferably recyclable) and disposed of in the rubbish or sent to a local recycling facility.

If sink blockage is caused by solidified fats, pouring hot water into the drain usually, solves the problem. Hot water will help liquefy the fat so it can pass through the drain. If the blockage is caused by something else, try using a drain snake to unclog the pipes and push waste through.

Clogged Toilet

Clogged toilets are a homeowner’s worst holiday nightmare and it is especially embarrassing when there are guests staying over for Christmas. More often than not, toilets become clogged because they cannot efficiently flush down material. Increased use can also put more burden than a toilet can handle, hence causing it to become inefficient. If the blockage is not likely caused by clogged material, check if there is sufficient water pressure to handle the flushing.

Lightly clogged toilets can usually be unblocked with a plunger. However, if the problem is much worse or if the pipes have been damaged, the problem should be handled by a plumber. Drainage and plumbing systems should also be checked prior to the holidays for preventive and corrective measures.

Getting Protected For the Holidays

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