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5 Common Spring Plumbing Problems

Ah, spring! The weather starts to get warm, the flowers begin to bloom, cleaning begins — okay, maybe that one’s not so great — and you can start to workout outdoors once more.

It also means that the worst of your plumbing issues are over, right? While it’s true that the winter months are often the harshest on our plumbing systems, the advent of spring thawing means there are a plethora of plumbing maintenance tasks to take care of.

At Arise Plumbing Service, we consistently advocate a preventive approach to plumbing problems. By catching these smaller issues early, you prevent yourself from having big issues in the future — saving you major headaches and cash.

Springtime Plumbing Issues You Need To Be Aware Of

While Georgia never really gets as cold as somewhere like Wisconsin, there’s still plenty enough cold to damage plumbing fixtures and systems. As the frost begins to melt, you’ll want to have these areas inspected for the following problems:

Poor Water Pressure

If you’re experiencing a low amount of water pressure, it’s quite possible that you have a leak somewhere, especially if this issue shows itself across multiple fixtures and doesn’t return to normal after a few days.

While some pipe leaks are easy to see, some occur in an area where the pipe isn’t exposed, it might be a few days before you actually see water starting to pool.

Sewer Line Obstructions

As plants begin to grow again and their roots begin to stretch and search for nutrients, it could mean problems for your main sewer line as these roots may intrude into the line itself, causing back-ups in your home.

Main sewer line cracks can be difficult to see, so it’s best to call Arise Plumbing Service in Temple, Georgia on the job who has the training and the tools, like specialized cameras, to scope out the problem deep below the surface.

Cracked Pipes

While pipes may contract in the winter weather and become the cause of the initial crack, the warm weather brings about expansion that could make those leaks even larger. This is especially true with outdoor plumbing fixtures like your hose bib or outdoor sinks.

Sudden spikes in water costs — that aren’t due to turning your sprinklers on again — or discoloration in your water is a sure sign that something is going wrong and you need to enlist the help of professional repiping services.

Poor Drainage

While poor drainage may be due to the sewer line obstructions mentioned above, it’s also possible that your home is experiencing poor drainage due to winter activities that just don’t manifest themselves until the springtime.

When any of these issues are present, call us immediately to prevent further damage. 770-562-9934

Contact Arise Plumbing Service To Get Your Plumbing Health Evaluation

At Arise Plumbing, we offer whole-home plumbing health evaluations. This will help ensure your home is set for success! Contact us today to get started.


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