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Plumbing Services



New Traditional and Tankless water heaters are now manufactured to be energy efficient. If the water heater in your residence or business has become old and sluggish, whether gas or electric, you may want to consider having it evaluated by one of our professional plumbers. Late night showers is not the time to be with out hot water so be proactive if you suspect there is an issue with your water heater. If you notice the water is not as hot as it once was or the amount of hot water is not sufficient to supply your residence or business this is a good indication that the water heater is not operating correctly. We repair and install both traditional and tankless gas and electric water heaters. 


If residential water heater in your residence is not functioning correctly and in need of a repair our plumbing professional can evaluate and repair if repairable. If the water heater is not reparable out professional will quote the customer a price and if agreeable he can replace it and bring it to code with a new expansion tank.



A tankless water heater will give a continuous supply of hot water that will never run out. The greatest benefit of a tankless water heater is the fact that you are not heating unused water as is the case with a traditional water heater.



Our Arise Plumbing Service professional will evaluate your old commercial or industrial water heater and determine if it can be repaired or will need to be replaced.  We will give you a quote on repair or replacement and if agreeable the work will be performed and brought up to code.

Water Heater

Arise Plumbing Service can repair or replace your toilet. Our plumber has the equipment needed to locate and clear the toilet, main drain, or sewer line to correct the customer’s issues.



  • Obstruction in the main sewer line or drain line

  • Septic tank is filled up

  • Low water pressure

  • Flapper in the toilet may not be opening all the way

  • Excessive tissue being flushed down the toilet

  • A foreign object in the toilet

  • Feminine hygiene products

  • Non flushable wipes



  • Tank handles

  • Fill Valves

  • Flappers

  • Flush valves

  • Tank to bowl kits

  • Wax ring




There are several reasons a customer may wish to replace their old toilet. If your toilet is damaged or needs to be changed out due to renovations or the need for a handicap toilet GA codes require a low-flow toilet to conserve water usage.


There are several different manufactures of toilets with different options that you can discuss with our plumbing professional to decide what is best suited for the customer. If the customer supplies the toilet plumber will give pricing for labor only to install the new toilet.



Water mains run from the meter to the residence or business underground to supply the water source. Normally, water mains  should supply many years of trouble free service. There are several different materials that manufactures use to make these water lines.


If you notice a drop in your water pressure coming from your faucets, water discoloration, or wet areas between the water meter and the residence or building there is a possibility there are issues with your main water line supplying the residence or business. If any of these problems are occurring contact Arise Plumbing Service and we will send a professional to inspect and determine the problem and give you a solution and price for repair or replacement.



There are several different materials that manufactures use to make these water lines. In older homes there is a possibility galvanized water piping may rust over time and develop leaks. Polybutylene pipes have had class action lawsuits on the product and the piping has been known to deteriorate and cause the pipes to leak. If your residence is on well water and you have copper water piping electrolysis can occur causing the pipe to become brittle and start leaking.


Arise Plumbing Service will diagnose and discuss options with the customer to repair or replace sections of piping that is leaking or damaged. We will discuss a total re piping of your system if needed with the customers choice of piping material. There are several options of piping available.


We give free quotes on large jobs. Our professionals will give the customer options to help them make the best decisions for there needs.

Water Lines

Drains and Sewers


When the drain or sewer lines at your home or place of business need repair or replacement, feel comfortable that Arise Plumbing Service can solve all your drainage problems on our initial visit. We have state of the art equipment to make sure all your needs are met.



Years of build up of grease, food waste, soap scum, and hair leads to stoppage of drains.

Accumulation can cause slow down and eventually complete stoppage. To eliminate these drainage issues call Arise Plumbing Service and feel confident your troubles will be resolved.


Slow moving drains may have blockage in the sewer lines of your home or business.

This could be a minor problem of a huge one depending on what the blockage is caused from i.e. tree roots, settling pipes, construction debris, soft tissue blockage etc.



Arise Plumbing Service will always charge on a flat rate billing system. We will not charge an hourly price for our services. A quote or estimate will be given and agreed upon before any work is started by our service professionals. We will give competitive pricing with our honesty at work. If there is unforeseen issues that were not included in the quote or estimate the plumber will stop work immediately and discuss the issue with the customer and give an add on price to properly complete the work. At the time of customer’s approval our plumber will complete all work required, however, if additional work is not agreed upon by the customer our plumber will only perform work  that was quoted and signed for by customer.


Rest assured that we will make every attempt possible to please our customer and do what is fair and honest for all parties involved. Our work will be done correctly and our goal is to have satisfied return customers. CALL TODAY - (770) 562-9934

Plumbing Services
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